Friday, January 30, 2009

CUPCAKES by "My Little Guy"

G2 was bound and determined that he was going to buy a special cake mix at the store last week. In my mind I was thinking, "WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM???". For some reason my little 5 year old wanted to make cupcakes and he had to make sure that he got the right flavor. We ended up with a confetti cake mix that he was SO very excited about making. The next day we got the mixer out and got ready to make the cupcakes!
He was very adamant that HE was the one that was making the cupcakes, NOT MOM. So, I let him! With just a little help on the eggs, he did do it all himself. We got the batter made and into the liners and then baked them all up. This is the point at which G2 lost interest in the making of cupcakes. He told me to finish making them and to make sure to make his special cupcake with lots of frosting a some sprinkles. He was happy with how I decorated it!! How fun for me to have them show some interest in something that I have such a passion for!


HoneyB said...

How cute! I love cooking with my kids....and DIL now!